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TEDxMonteCarloSalon announces its first Virtual Session

Dear TEDxers,

We hope you are all well and healthy.

We’ve come up with a series of Virtual TEDxMonteCarloSalon events for our community to feel more connected and well informed during this challenging period. Three virtual sessions have been planned exploring Monaco community’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as practical advice on “surviving” the lockdown.

The virtual sessions will be 60 minutes in length discussing pre-recorded TED/TEDx talks along with Q&A with our panelists. The audience will be engaged by asking questions to the panelists and by voting on poll questions during the virtual session. We will share pre-recorded TED/TEDx Talk(s) for our attendees to watch before the virtual sessions, as we will be discussing some of the video contents.

Topics that we will address will focused on Monaco and our community and will cover the following – COVID-19, government aid, education, wellbeing, mental health, and our economy.

Our first virtual Salon event will be themed Community & Wellbeing and is scheduled for Wednesday April 1st, 2020 at 5pm CET. Save the date and sign-up to our virtual session.

Editor in Chief of Forbes Monaco, Nancy Heslin, will update us on the current local COVID-19 news and facts. U.K. psychotherapist, Gavin Sharpe, will advise listeners on how to maintain healthy relationships at home during a lockdown and Mrs Lindsay Mackenzie-Wright, Assistant Director and Head of Wellbeing at the International School of Monaco (ISM), will discuss how to maintain the morale of young stay-at-homers.

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More information:
TEDx Talks: youtube.com/TEDxTalks


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