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Webinar: Healthy Boundaries For Sex Addicts: 1st December 18:30 CET

Boundaries guide and protect us from harm or exploitation.  We cannot live healthy lives without healthy boundaries.  In our personal relationships, we are tasked with finding the balance between meeting our needs and the needs of others.  What will I do and not do in relationships? What can I do if someone violates my boundaries?  What rights do I have?


For recovering sex addicts, boundaries lie at the heart of recovery.  Addicts have a history of poor boundary setting which leads to poor decision making.  It is often the case that addicts did not learn healthy boundaries in their childhood.


In this webinar and in partnership with Sex and Relationship Healing, I will discuss and answer questions about healthy boundaries for recovering sex addicts. How does establishing boundaries keep one from acting out sexually?  How do I set healthy boundaries for my sobriety and also in other areas of my life.




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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou

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Albert Einstein

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Joseph Campbell

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